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The Franklin Fi BLOG is written by author Shane Dillon from his present-day perspective. The BLOG is an accumulation of personal finance lessons that Shane has learned over the last twenty years. Whereas the BOOK starts from day one of the journey, Shane’s BLOG picks up twenty years later and explores the ideas and concepts of his daily life living abroad in Europe as a writer.  

“I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger.” lyrics from Ooh La La by the Faces.


The Franklin Fi BOOK is a story written to the author’s sixteen-year-old self. The idea is to provide the next generation with a roadmap to financial freedom. The BOOK begins when Franklin Fi is sixteen-years-old and has zero personal finance knowledge.

author  BIO

Author Shane Dillon generated The Franklin Fi Series while bicycling across Europe, laying the groundwork in Spain and reaching the conclusion near the Black Sea in Romania. Shane Dillon has a degree in finance from the University of Missouri, an MBA from Sonoma State University, specializing in the Wine Industry, and twenty years of stock market experience. He hopes this story of financial freedom will inspire the next generation of bike-riding, yoga-loving, world travelers to dive deeper into the world of investment leading to a future of financial freedom.


Shane Dillon is in the constant pursuit of adventure. Over the last two years, he has ridden his trusty bicycle, Disco, across the United States and twelve countries in Europe. Yes, the name of his bike is Disco. He came up with the name Disco as a joke. Most people think of going to a bar or discoteca as fun, whereas Shane thinks cycling across a country is fun.


Shane studied finance at the University of Missouri. After college, he then went on to work on a trading floor in San Francisco. He decided fairly quickly that fighting over other people’s money on a trading floor wasn’t his idea of making a living. He wanted more in life than just a desk job, he yearned for adventure. Working a corporate job in finance wasn’t for him but what it did do was provide him with invaluable knowledge of finance.


After a couple of years on the trading floor, he decided to move on to his next big adventure. He took off on his twenty-fifth-birthday to backpack South America; somewhat of a quarter-life crisis. While in South America, he reconnected with his love for nature. He traveled through Patagonia with his fly rod and camped at every opportunity. Without a care in the world, he managed to backpack through seven countries in South America.


Upon returning from South America, Shane moved to Sonoma County California to work in the wine industry. Over the next eleven years, he lived in a small house in the mountains of Northern California and worked on a vineyard.


Being that he didn’t have TV or the internet in his house, it enabled him to discover his creativity and his passion for photography. On the weekends, he used photography as his excuse to travel and then on the weeknights he would spend endless hours editing his images. At this same time in his life, he became a voracious reader. Over the course of those eleven years, Shane read every financial book he could get his hands on. Using his financial knowledge he saved and invested in the stock market, which would one day set him free from the nine-to-five rat race.


At the time he didn’t realize it, but during this period of his life, a bond between his creativity and his love for finance was formed. These two influences would one day lead him to write The Franklin Fi, which is a hilarious novel about teenagers learning to invest.


Currently, Shane lives in Malaga, Spain and is fulfilling his dream of living abroad. During the week he writes and on the weekends he adventures throughout Europe.

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