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Discipline | Every Step is Moving Me Forward

Why do people lack discipline? There is a tendency to waste away many hours of each day with mundane tasks that do not lead to accomplishing our goals. We may not even recognize that we are not making life choices regarding what really matters to each of us!

Discipline | Purpose Driven Life | It is Complicated

We allow ourselves to become caught up in simply repeating actions that are expected of us.

Do we spend enough time defining our life’s goals and quantifying how to accomplish them?

Discipline is laying out your life’s goals and finding a way to achieve them.

You choose what your goals are, and you can decide what level of success you want to achieve.

Being disciplined leads to a heightened sense of purpose and productivity and brings order to your day. Achieving your life’s goals actually becomes easier.

The ultimate reward of a disciplined lifestyle is enhanced enjoyment in life. Is it possible, this is what it feels like to be alive?

Live a Purpose Driven Life

I believe a purpose driven life leads to happiness. It is important that your purpose makes you happy and is helping others at the same time.

I became aware of the concept of discipline when I started bicycle touring.

It took me about three months to ride across the United States from coast to coast. In order to reach the other coast, it took a lot of sweat, perseverance, and discipline to keep going.

I would ride six to eight hours a day depending on the terrain and weather conditions.

Along the way, I had a lot of time to think, and discipline seemed to be a recurring theme.

School and Learning Teaches Us Discipline

Early in life, we are taught to be disciplined citizens.

We are taught to arrive at school on time, to raise our hand if we want to speak, and how to study for a standardized exam in order to be successful. Of course, these are valuable lessons, which we can apply throughout our lives.

Joshua Tree California | Purpose Driven Life | Art Deco

Most people remain in a system or job that feels very similar to school. They go to work on time, they take directions from a boss, and they memorize how to do a routine, which is their job. This is what is expected, and this is what we do.

While pedaling my way across the country, it occurred to me, there is a better way to use the discipline I learned in school. I could choose to apply this discipline to a purpose or goal in life. I would define my goals and work to achieve an end result. For now, my purpose is writing personal finance books for young adults.

Discover Your Purpose In Life and Pursue It With Passion

By analyzing your life and figuring out what things make you happy, you, too, can discover your purpose. For me, I realized that I love being creative and I love learning about personal finance.

Once I figured this out, the next step was to put my learned discipline to use and accomplish something that involved both creativity and personal finance.

Artist in Argentina | Deep Realizations | Different Wavelength

That is when I set out to write a book!

There was only one problem, I am a horrible writer. But I didn’t let that stop me.

I learned from bicycle touring that you learn as you go, and you improve as long as you stay disciplined.

In order to write my first book, I told myself I was going to be disciplined enough to write at least three pages a day until I completed the book.

A couple of months later, I had filled up three notebooks with scribbles and a story!

Since completing my first book, I have taken discipline and hard work to another level. I have reduced TV time and useless internet time by replacing them with more writing and other hobbies.

Here’s what my daily to-do list currently looks like. This is the fancy online version I created for you, but usually, I keep this to-do list in a notebook on my kitchen counter.

Daily Routine | Discipline | The Franklin Fi

To some, this list might be a little intimidating and it would have been to me a couple of years ago.

The lesson I have learned over the years is to start small with one or two simple goals. After, achieving them for a month or two, then add another goal to your list. Now you have three daily goals to work to accomplish.

As you become more and more disciplined, continue to add goals to your daily list.

Before you know it, you will be a well-oiled machine working towards a purpose that fills your life with happiness.

Remember, you can benefit from your disciplined life, just as much as the company you are working for.

Action Item:

List the things that make you happy and decide if any of those things will lead to finding your purpose. Next, set one new goal to accomplish to put you on the path to your purpose.

For me, it was to write 3 pages a day.

For you, it might be to walk or run a mile to begin your training for a marathon.

Start small with obtainable goals and then graduate to tougher goals.

Reading Material:

Benjamin Franklin's The Art of Virtue by George Rogers

City Clouds New York | The Franklin Fi

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