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Practice Confidence

As kids, it is in our nature to practice everything. Kids are open to every type of learning and creativity: Piano, baseball, ballet, gymnastics, cheer, guitar lessons, the recorder, every kind of sports or games. Heck, there are even kids who take etiquette lessons.

So, why do adults stop practicing in exchange for a repetitive job?

Perhaps we master a skill and choose a job, of which we use the same skills over and over. As if we’re given our badge for mastering a particular skill and learning becomes a thing of our past.

Life doesn’t have to be this way!

Okay, maybe as adults we don’t have as much time to practice the Fluba anymore. But we owe it to ourselves to practice things like happiness and investing and, heck, even confidence.

Now that we are adults, let’s practice adult things!


Yes, you can practice happiness and, YES, you do have the time to practice every day. To get started, consciously identify what makes you happy on a daily basis; learn to practice maximizing and prolonging these activities each and every day. Write them down if it helps you stay focused and consistent. Create your own happiness routine, by making time to practice.


The same principle can be applied to investing. So what! You suck at investing! Of course you do, if you have never practiced or learned the skill. In the beginning, you suck at everything if you have never practiced. Think like a kid...Get over it!

The key is to start with a small amount of money and learn all you can by reading, studying, and...practicing. Eventually, over time you’ll figure out what works for you and start to make bigger investment decisions.

We’re all different, so don’t think there is only one right way to invest your money. Be a doer. Study and figure it out.


A concept you can apply to just about anything you want to improve, including your own confidence. That’s right you can practice confidence, too!


Confidence is an elusive little bugger. As kids, we based our confidence on how we thought others perceived us. The clothes we wore were to impress others. We hung out with cool kids in order to look cool and even talked in a certain, “cool” way. We wanted to ride the coolest bike. Maybe we played football or other sports, just because others might have thought we were cool.

Guess what? Being cool is not what confidence is all about.

Nonetheless, many of us will go on playing this game into adulthood. Instead, we might buy fancy cars, boats, and houses - all to impress others.

Buying expensive things you can’t afford doesn’t grow confidence. You may find yourself deeply in debt, which in return siphons your confidence and lowers your self-esteem.

Confidence lies within you and is something you can practice. Confidence is not what others think of you; rather, it is what you think and feel about yourself. The more knowledge, experience and practice you have, the more confident you will become.

But, what confidence is not, it is not about trophies and accolades. It is about learning who you are, what you are good at, what you like, the people you choose to surround yourself with, and balancing all of this in your life to maximize happiness. This is why it is important to practice confidence and to understand how to identify, maximize, and prolong the activities that bring purpose and happiness into your life.

Write down what makes you feel confident and find ways to maximize and prolong this feeling. Soon, you’ll find that you don’t have time for the things that don’t make you happy.

As living, breathing, conscious beings, it is our responsibility to be mindful of the gift of life, and to use your gift to make this world a better place. Wasting money by buying cool stuff to impress others is not fulfilling and has little purpose. Don’t fall for the trap.

Invest wisely with your time, energy and money. Figure out what truly makes you feel happy and confident and start practicing those things.

Create a lifestyle that is full and complete, and those around you will think you really are COOL!

It’s simple, write your own script!

12/30/19 - Bangkok

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