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Slow Travel Germany

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Remember the feeling of being a kid and how each day was an adventure? I thought I had lost that feeling until I discovered slow travel.

Slow Travel | Adventure Like a Kid | The Franklin Fi

The idea of slow travel is the slower you go, the more economical, and the more enjoyable it is.

Which makes walking the cheapest form of travel and bicycle touring a close second. The main expense for both is your daily food. Food is basically your gasoline or energy source to get you to the next place destination. What makes bicycle touring a little more expensive are the costs associated with your bike.

Picture yourself cycling through the hops fields of Bavaria in Germany. Yes, as in beer hops. The hop rows are like nothing else I have ever encountered on earth. The rows span as far as you can see and rise fifteen feet into the air.

At one point, I actually had to stop at a castle to ask a maintenance man what the humongous crops were. I had an inkling they were hops from all of the beer gardens I had been passing.

My bicycle ride through Bavaria lasted a few weeks. During the day, I slowly pedaled through the beautiful countryside. At night I camped beneath ancient castles. It was magical.

Okay, now think about it. If you had the choice. Would you rather take a month-long bicycle trip across Germany? Or, a lavishly filled weekend romp to Berlin, Germany?

German Bicycle Tour | Bavaria | Munich | The Franklin Fi

Both sound cool, but I know my answer. Ten times out of ten, I would rather find myself on an adventure through an unknown land, than another capital city.

Nothing against Berlin or any other capital city, but as far as I am concerned all of the big cities have turned into the same concept. It’s like all of the capital cities have gotten together to coordinate their attractions, which consist of: museums, bridges, ruins, cathedrals, and overpriced food that tastes exactly like American food.

To me, the worst part is that a weekend romp might cost more than a month-long bicycle tour.

Time is a Problem

A lot of us take quick vacations because we don’t get a lot of vacation time. I understand because that was my life for fifteen years. I am as guilty as the next person.

But what I’ve learned the last two years has changed my outlook on travel for the rest of my life. I quit my full-time job a couple of years ago and have never looked back.

Slow Travel | Red Barn Countryside | The Franklin Fi Adventure

As I see it, we owe ourselves the time it takes to see the world. To explore who we are. If all you do with your life is work, then what is the point! Find time! More importantly, find time to feel alive in a natural setting. Cities drag me down!

Adventure Like a Kid

The slow travel movement is catching on.

People love traveling slowly because it actually gives you time to stop and reflect on where you are. What is the culture of this country telling me?

For me, slow travel is another form of meditation. It makes me a lot more conscious of my surroundings.

A quick romp to a city is much like drinking alcohol, it just masks the true horrors of your life, but in the end, it doesn’t make things any better.

Slow Travel Leads To Internal Exploration

The longer you slow travel, the more you realize you are experiencing an internal adventure as a physical one.

SLO CA | Live to Create | Pop Photography | The Franklin Fi

While on a bicycle journey you have time to think about your life and your place in this world.

Cycling heightens your senses and puts you into the “flow” state for hours on end.

It’s like meditating for eight hours every day for months on end. It’s an amazing feeling!

To End is to Begin

An important lesson I have learned from the past two years of travel is that each of us owns the responsibility of finding the adventure that is our life.

If you are miserable sitting at your desk, day after day. Then do something about it. Even if it is a quick romp to Berlin you will be better for it.

But, from here on out, slow Travel is how I roll!

Action Item:

If you have never bicycle toured or backpacked, set aside one to two weeks for an adventure. Leave a comment or send me an email if you need help with your packing list!

Reading Material:

The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

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