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  • Shane Dillon

Accumulation of Memories

You’ve got your dinosaur helmet on, the sun is glistening off the sparkly streamers hanging off of your handlebar grips, and the street is clear for takeoff.

The training wheels are off and your dad nervously stands behind you with his hand on your right shoulder to balance you. He starts to walk, then jog. You’re doing it! The pedals force your feet into motion and before you know it you are riding faster than your dad can run.

You’re all alone! It’s a big day and one that you may never forget.

Milestones to Memories

Riding a bike. Your first kiss. Sinking or missing the winning free throw. Your first dance when you actually didn’t dance at all.

Events like these were all big deals, and as a result, they are highlighted in your accumulation of memories. Special memories are what make you who you are, today.

As we get older, those memories morph into new milestones. Your first kiss is old news and is quickly replaced by a fresher memory of your first car or getting your first paycheck. That first plane ride. Marriage. The purchase of your first house. Kids. Etc…

Were all of these events really firsts?

In a way, yes. In another way, no. The life you are living in is an accumulation of activities leading up to these benchmark moments or new chapters.

You learned to ride a bike from having experienced your bright, red tricycle or from the hours you spent zooming around on a scooter. You were learning to balance long before you actually took your maiden voyage on your bicycle.

Everything we do in the present moment was once the future and will quickly become the past.

Therefore, your actions in the present moment not only define the present but also dictate the future and are stored in memories of the past. Confused yet?

The point is, what you do determines who you are and who you will become.

All of these accumulated actions and choices identify who you are today, for better or for worse.

If you want something in your life, you must make the right choices regarding how to obtain it. You must learn or practice a skill that will one day lead to that desired outcome. All of these firsts were rooted in your desires, your goals, your wants.

By living in the present and becoming a mindful, conscious person, you are taking responsibility for the choices you make in life. Soon, those desires, goals, and wants will become “firsts” and the beginning of a new chapter.

You make the choices. You decide how you want to live your life. Consequently, your life is what you make it, for better or for worse!

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